It Makes Her Feel Like My Uncle is Close to Her

I purchased the STRENGTH key for myself while Christmas shopping two years ago. I often pondered this person or that person may need the necklace, but it wasn't a very strong feeling. However, last week my uncle passed away. He was like a father to me and all of my cousins. One in cousin Bella who is only 5 years old.

She and my uncle were very best friends. He hung out at her house every single day. He picked her up from school, took her shopping and laid with her every evening until she went to sleep. So, as I got ready to leave town for the funeral, I saw my Giving Key necklace in my bathroom and instantly knew that Bella would be the perfect recipient. There wasn't a doubt in my mind.

I gave her the necklace at the visitation. I explained to her that it was a Giving Key, and that I wanted her to have it, and that it would help give her STRENGTH since she lost her best friend. She absolutely loves it, my cousin and aunt say she wears it every day and it makes her feel like my uncle is close to her.