It Wasn't About Having the Key in Her Hands, but Having it in Her Spirit

So this story takes place back in 2014-2015. My auntie Maria had recently been diagnosed with colon cancer, which had been spreading to her brain. It was my 14th birthday when I opened this little box with a key shaped necklace inside. I was obsessed and wore it every day.

Later in the year my aunt was very sick and it wasn't looking to good. I knew she needed STRENGTH more than I did, so I went to grab my necklace but it was gone ... I lost it. Words can't describe how I felt knowing that I lost the one thing that could have saved my aunt. She passed away not long after on the 26th of December.

I now know that it wasn't about having the key in her hands but having it in her spirit, and God knows she had all the STRENGTH in the world to hold on for one last day after Christmas.