Jenna Morgan x The Giving Keys #Hope

Jenna Morgan x The Giving Keys #Hope

I have

Gifted a Giving Key

With the word


My Story

I first received the “Hope” Giving Key from a very dear friend of mine last November after my husband and I experienced an ectopic pregnancy. This blanket with the heart is the one that I had on when EMTs came to take me to the hospital by ambulance. I was rushed into emergency surgery and by the Grace of God I am here because of Him.

Jesus continues to shape and change my life. After the surgery I was told by multiple doctors and OR nurse that I was a true miracle! I was informed that they all prayed for me before they began surgery to remove my left Fallopian tube due to the ectopic pregnancy. I lost over half the blood in my body and they replenished with new blood. I was told it was very close. Our journey of infertility continues to be an obstacle but our Hope is in God.

We trust He has amazing plans for us. I am also writing this story because even though we aren’t blessed with a child yet, we still cling to hope that one day God will make it happen. In His perfect timing! Another reason why I’m sharing this story is because I’m going to be giving this key to my Dad and Mom. My Dad has been battling CLL for 11 years now and been doing okay with different meds but then they quit working.

He has been out at Seattle Cancer Care Alliance doing tests for another treatment option and we found out yesterday he has an additional diagnosis. Richters transformation lymphoma…on top of CLL. God, please bring healing to my Dad’s body, give him renewed HOPE for this curveball and comfort in knowing we are not alone in this battle! Faith can move mountains and my Dad is a fighter! We are anchored in HOPE! Jesus is our HOPE! Never give up HOPE!

Jenna Morgan

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