Jennifer Rockwell x The Giving Keys #Brave

Jennifer Rockwell x The Giving Keys #Brave

I have

Gifted a Giving Key

With the word


My Story

October is Infant Loss Awareness Month, and it has encouraged me to share this story! A little over two years ago, I accepted a new position in the NYC area. After living and loving the Chicago area for the previous 4 years, my family and I packed up and moved to the Northeast for our new adventure. As a going away gift, my previous manager and now one of my best friends, purchased a Giving Key with the word "BRAVE" - signifying the leap I was making both personally and professionally to move and take on a very large role with my previous company.

Fast forward to April 2019: My brother and sister-in-law were due with their first boy, Oliver John - my first nephew. On April 26, they went in to the doctor for Rachel's 39 week appointment and there was no heart beat. Oliver had passed away sometime that week, likely around 38.5 weeks. It was a Friday. It was quiet at work. The only people left on our floor in the office were me and my coordinator, who was so important to me that day. At around 4:00pm, I received the call from my brother, Jacob.

He was in tears telling me that Oliver didn't have a heart beat. My heart stopped. I didn't know what to do or say. I couldn't believe it; couldn't believe his words. I sat in silence and cried for what felt like forever. The next day, I flew from NYC to Florida to be with my mom, dad, Jacob, Rachel and her family, while my husband and girls stayed at home. Rachel was of course sad and devastated, yet hopeful, determined, strong and most of all, BRAVE.

After arriving home from the hospital, I gifted Rachel my Giving Key - telling her how BRAVE she is - as a daughter, sister and more importantly, a mother. A mother who lost a part of her that day, and also had the hope, faith, strength, bravery and determination to keep going. In 8 short days, on 10/12/20, Jacob and Rachel will welcome their new baby girl, Elizabeth Mary!! Today I sent her a new Giving Key - "FAITH". To all who have lost, keep FAITH!

Jennifer Rockwell 
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