Keep Your Head Up

Hi! My name is Cait and my story is about my Father-In-Law. I first met Pete Harris about 7 years ago and I was shocked how instantly I felt his sweet soul. A truly honorable man. I instantly dropped any insecurities in his presence. Bells rang and I married his son. He moved me during his speech during our rehearsal dinner, which he and his wife hosted.

Never knowing which way the wind will blow, I was soon after taken back by the unfortunate news of his aggressive brain cancer. The news was deflating and I couldn't seem to wrap my mind around the simple question of why him?

He had the answer though. He told me he wasn't in control. Very true. I realized in a moment that I'm not in control of my destiny either. 

As I was searching for a sign of hope I stumbled across The Giving Keys and found one that perfectly stated what I wanted to give Pete: Strength. 

Keep your head up for Pete's Sake.