Let Go in Her Honor

Today is the hardest day for me... I met my best friend almost 11 years ago. Even though we had so many differences, we had an instant connection. She has been my biggest supporter through the good and the bad. Two years ago, she began to go through some really tough times in her life. She struggled a lot through this storm. During this time I started a non-profit charity called #colorfulforacause. This was a charity that was simply for getting involved in the community to bring beauty to life in itself. Right before Christmas, she went with me to do a beauty makeover event at the women's shelter. She was happy to see the smiles on their faces and gave her worth to this cause. Even though she was hurting inside, she found a way to find peace. I learned about The Giving Keys from my work, so I mentioned them to her. We both designed the logo for the cause and decided with everything we both had gone through, the words "Let Go" were right. She made us our shirts to wear to all of our events. So for Christmas, I realized that The Giving Keys had  Let Go Bracelets. I was so excited to give it her!! It meant the world to her, and she couldn't believe how the wording was perfect. In a phone conversation, she said that the bracelet gave her peace and hope. I never thought that that conversation would be the last one we ever had. My sweet best friend suffered a brain aneurysm just hours after that conversation and went into a coma. Just yesterday her body finally could not fight anymore, and she passed away at 5:40pm. I will miss her extremely, but I am thankful that she got to experience the legacy of The Giving Keys. Now I will carry out the vision of #colorfulforacause and Let Go in her honor!!!