Letting Go of the Past

On my birthday this year, I was out shopping with my mother and we went into a small shop that sold The Giving Keys. I had never heard of them and she hadn’t either. I looked at every single key and didn’t feel a deep connection to any of them, until I found one that said LET GO. I debated whether I needed it because it was a little pricey for me, but my mom ended up buying it and it hasn’t left me since. 

I’ve struggled with LETTING GO of things. My father was an alcoholic throughout my childhood and has been completely sober for over four years now, but it’s still hard to LET GO of the past. I’ve also lost contact with my entire extended family. Even though I’ve tried to reconnect, this key has made me feel at ease. I feel like I know my worth and regardless of the situation, I will prevail. I just need to learn to LET GO. 

I don’t plan on passing my key on yet, it’s still a very important part of my life. One day, I hope to find someone who needs it more than I do.