Live Boldly

I first received this necklace as a gift my sophomore year. The word Fearless is engraved on one side. I remember wearing it nearly every day as a reminder to live boldly, to live without worry. I first gave the necklace to my older brother, Blake, when he left to attend the University of Oslo in hopes that he too would live out this mantra. As of six months ago, I gave it to Max who was leaving on mission to serve in Guatemala, Lesotho, South Africa, and Cambodia. I gave it with the same intentions as I did with Blake: to live for today. Yesterday, Max passed it on to a tuk tuk driver he met in Siem Reap, Cambodia. He told him what being fearless means and to pass it on when he felt like he met somebody else who needed to hear the message. Encouragement inspires other people to be greater versions of themselves than they had previously thought possible. It can be heartfelt words, a comforting hug, or maybe even a necklace.