Love Will Only Grow

Opening the Giving Keys box, I saw the glimmer of a tiny key. It said "LOVE". As I opened it, one of my best friends asked me to share in the LOVE of her wedding day! Without hesitation, I gave an enthusiastic, "YES!" Just over two weeks ago, I watched my friends say, "I do". It was such an honor to watch their romance unfold. From the beginning, he was crazy about her and did some persuading. She was convinced! They are a power couple and their LOVE will only grow as they share life together. 

Then, last Saturday, I got to Pay It Forward. With such a special gift, I didn't think I would easily part with my LOVE necklace. But something told me to wear it to a garden party for the inauguration of Naomi's House; a safe haven for women coming out of sex trafficking. Here, they receive physical and emotional support and guidance to deal with the unimaginable trauma they have experienced, often in a short life. When one of the first employees, of this project starting 4-years ago (prayer, finding a house, remodeling, support raising etc), I knew why I had felt the urge to wear my LOVE key. She spoke of God opening doors along her way in being involved with human trafficking, social work, and council. Her heart overflowed for these women who need the safe LOVE of Jesus, a healing balm to their wounds. As she shared her passion and gratitude for being involved in Naomi's House, I felt a stirring to give her the key. 

As I undid the clasp, I thought of the unconditional LOVE of a strong couple, a love that one day these women may come to know and this woman would help to unlock.

Looking down at the logo, I saw a bird...carrying a key! One that is full of LOVE and a life of freedom, unlocking chains of their past and a door to their future as a NEW CREATION.


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