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Mama Wisdom By Actress Kristen Bell

Mama Wisdom By Actress Kristen Bell

We had this inspiring conversation with actress Kristen Bell and wanted to share it in time for Mother's Day!   Any other general advice or appreciation for all the other mammas out there? There is a lot of wonderful advice about motherhood and parenting out there. My e-mail is full of profound quotes that I've read or heard and e-mailed to myself in an attempt to remember them. Really, this just leads to a lot of anxiety about how many unread e-mails are piling up, but hey- I'm doing my best! Despite the goldmine of parental wisdom, there is something I feel is often missing from the conversation which is that mothers must build their village. Moms, these days, are juggling an unnatural amount of responsibility that used to be shared and parceled out over many people. Grandparents used to live down the street, our neighbors weren't strangers- they were friends who would pop over to add an extra pair of hands. We used to be much more connected and over time we've pushed aside a lot of our social animal instincts, which has led to mothers feeling isolated and overwhelmed. Building a community is the key!   What is one of the values/memories/experiences you hope your child(ren) remembers when they’re older?  I have a truly atrocious memory so if they were born in my likeness, they don't have a shot at remembering anything. And that's okay with me! I don't need them to remember birthday parties or vacations. Those are fleeting moments. Though I do think we've given them something permanent that is worth retaining - the feeling of comfort and security. Life has a lot of variables, so it is important that my children to know there are two people in the world who are constants. I hope they always carry that with them as they move through life.   What inspired you to launch Hello Bello? We launched Hello Bello because we didn't think it was fair for people to chose between what's good for their baby and what's good for their budget. It's premium ingredients and an affordable price point so that everyone has access to the best. We like to say Hello Bello is Mom's ingredients and Dad's prices!    Kristen is rocking looks from our Mother's Day Collection!

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