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My Turn to Find LOVE

I have been collecting keys for many years, I have gifted different keys to friends in need over the years. I have 2 children, Aubryanna who turned 25 in Sept and Scott Jr who's 9. I am a single mom by choice. I didn’t want to be one of those moms who brought “uncles” home on a regular basis, I want my kids to grow up happy, loved, and not worrying about any need to make some one else more important then yourself. Well This Christmas my daughter bought me a Giving Key. I was in love!!! She gave me LOVE as my word and told me I deserved to be loved because I’ve done such a beautiful job loving both her brother and herself over the years. She said it was my turn to find LOVE because my happiness matters to her! I know I did a great job raising her to become a kind heartfelt individual who cares about making her family and friends feel loved, accepted, and relevant! I love my necklace and it makes me more aware of finding LOVE after putting my needs off for so long! 


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