Never Give Up HOPE

I have had a few big life changes this past year (all would say good). However, change is still stressful. I became a flight attendant a few years ago and this new job took me away from family, home and my church family... all my support systems. I felt alone despite all the people around me in the crowded airports and airplanes full of travelers. However, right there in the middle of being at the wrong gate at the right time, God sent me a gift in a new friendship (it was nothing short of a miracle how we met) and how she would remain a part of all this transition in my life.

It seems that at always the right time she texts me a beautiful scripture, or word of spiritual encouragement, keeping me focused on what is truth and hope, something I was losing because of all the pain I kept seeing around me including addictions in my family that I felt somehow responsible for because I wasn't home much anymore. It is a hurting world and being exposed to so many people in my new job, I was seeing this on a grander scale.

However, our God is faithful and what is true is that when we feel weak, exhausted, or helpless (or hopeless), if we would just let go and let God, He is working in the background and He loves us and our loved ones more than we do. He has a plan and when we get out of the way, He can work His miracles. He's still working on my heart to trust and believe and in this process He's teaching me to love others as He does, to see people through His eyes, because we all just need a little more grace, a little more mercy and kindness. The rest is in His loving hands despite our lack of HOPE.

My friend, Monica, gave me my HOPE necklace to remind me that she is there for me across the miles, and that our God is always there...and to never give up HOPE.