No Excuses To Not To Keep Going

I have gifted a Giving Key to my beautiful friend, David, which says the word "Inspire". 
He inspires me everyday to push harder. I know him as an amazing triathlete, father and friend. He trains incredibly hard everyday at the health club we both belong to. We have been swimming together for about 4 months now, but only recently have I made it a point to make sure I swim in the lane right next to him because his energy just makes me do that much better.

I have also been running with him and although he THINKS I am a better runner... I know I am not. He is so giving with his time and love for his two daughters and has proven to be one of the best friends I may ever know. When I need someone, he is there. He goes above and beyond in every area of his life and to me this is so inspiring. He makes me realize there are just no excuses to NOT keep going.

I want him to wear this Giving Key that says "Inspire" and to remember that he IS an inspiration to me and many others in his life and to always remember how important he is. How unique his is. How wonderfully crazy he is. How beautiful he is inside and out. And how all of these things have made me love him. You INSPIRE many David.