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No Idea

My Giving Key was the first thing I bought when I got my first real job. I got the word disciple on it because I knew it was something I could always strive towards. Yesterday I was sitting at Starbucks writing a few letters for my sister to open while on her missions trip to Hungary. I was sitting there thinking about what to write and I got a picture of a necklace. I was confused until I remembered my Giving Key.

My sister hates planes and she's flying oversees for 10 hours. She's never been away from home for an extended period of time and she's going to be gone for 16 days. She is a worrier and she is going out of the country with a group of high schoolers, to a place she's never been, not knowing what to expect. My sister is a disciple, going to make disciples in another nation. Immediately I knew I was supposed to send her with my giving key, which I am slightly attached to. She is on her way to Hungary as we speak, with my Giving Key in a sealed envelope with a note and she has no idea.


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