Not the End of My Story

3 years ago I received an IF key from my mother. Based on the premise of the IF: organization, it was a daily reminder to ask myself the question: IF God is real, then what? 

Over the last couple years, the answer has changed as I have grown and moved through different stages of my life, but overall it has helped me move God from the abstract man in the sky to a more personal God I can relate too. 

The last few years have not been easy, but it is my relationship with God that has allowed me to transcend pain and difficulties. IF God is real, then pain and trouble are going to be a part of my story, but they are not the end of my story. IF anything, my troubles are where my story begins and can intersect with the story of others. I have learned to ask what I can learn in difficult situations, rather than simply trying to fix them. 

IF God is real, then love is readily present in the universe, and the universe is ultimately good. I have learned it is not my job to fix those around me like the codependent champion I had become, but rather it is my job to love people right where they are. 

I have wanted to share this key for a while, and I finally found that opportunity! I have a co-worker who believes in Jesus, but struggles with a busy life and therefore is not connected with any church. She also has little familiarity with God's word. So I hope to use this key to help her find a way to make God more real in her life, just as it has mine.


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