Opportunities Reveal Themselves

I was working with a new friend on preparing her Business Plan. I knew her most important objective was to to provide donations to research that could lead to a cure the disease she recently had beaten. She hasn't gone public with her diagnosis, but shared it with me on our first meeting.

She described a most innocuous conversation where she engaged a stranger in the sushi section of the grocery store. Soon the conversation revealed that this man's wife was fighting the same disease. They proceeded to having a 30 minute conversation about the benefits and side effects of the respective medications as well as natural approaches. My friend was blown away that this spontaneous communicator knew she was married with (2) children, facts she hadn't shared. He also gave advice with respect to how she was dealing with people depending on the type of energy they carried. My friend was totally blown away by this "stranger" came into her space and made such an expected difference on many levels. She took their meeting as a sign.

I asked her what one word described the interaction with the stranger in the sushi section. She responded that the experience had been "Inspirational"
I responded, "You won't believe what word is on my key? "Inspired"
She teared up for the third time in our meeting as I Paid Forward my Giving Key and my tears were fast followers.  

I have now Paid Forward over 50 keys and it feels overwhelming every time. Every story is different. I feel the power of Paying it Forward every exchange and I am fortunate that these opportunities continue to reveal themselves.


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