Our Inner Strength To Stay Positive

My key was given to me when my husband was diagnosed with stage IV brain cancer. My cousin had passed it on to me as she had just successfully completed her treatment for breast cancer.

As I wore my key, I knew the strength I needed to be strong for my husband and 9-year-old daughter. It made me reflect upon our inner strength to stay positive and be the best supporter for my husband. He was a fighter and lasted much longer than most.

Since his passing on April 18th, I have contemplated the person who could use this strength the most, and I chose my mom. She is currently the caregiver for my father who is suffering from inconsistency in sugar levels and blood levels which has basically confined him to our home and has limited his mobility to get around with ease.

I pray for both of them, as they too can find the strength to continue their struggle and find the positive energy to survive.

Thank you for starting such an amazing foundation. It was a true delight to be a part of the chain of keys.