Overcoming Fear

I have come to learn that I have lived in Fear for most of my life. After taking classes on my own self development and learning ways to think differently, I also received my Key necklace from my daughter at Christmas.  
The coursework I have done (Landmark Forum) has turned my life around. I am feeling better and not living in fear. The necklace served as a wonderful reminder to keep my thoughts, perceptions and attitude on the right track! It was during a course that a friend of mine stated she was living in fear, and I KNEW in that very instant it was time to pass it on! At that moment I said to Stephanie...."Remember this right now and what you just said....". The following week at the course, with my Giving Key box in hand, and the necklace around my neck, I asked her if she remembered my comment about remembering the moment. She did, and it was at that time I gave her the box...she read the card inside, and I took the necklace off my neck and placed it around hers. It was received with such love and gratitude, it was amazing. I am now looking for a new word and necklace as I continue on my journey. A HUGE thank you to my daughter Jessica. I love you JESS!!