Paying Forward Comfort and Strength

I received the Strength Giving Key after my young husband lost his 18-month battle with brain cancer. He was taken from me and our two daughters, now three and six. My friend gave it to me a few days before the services, and it meant the world to me. This key was my source of strength for the next ten months. It was always around my neck, and I was always grabbing it for comfort and strength through difficult times. As the spouse of a cancer patient, I met several other cancer patients and families affected by this awful disease. I met a young couple fighting a different kind of cancer at the same time as my husband. Well, 10 months after my husband passed, my friend's husband passed. As I drove to his services, afraid to walk into the funeral home and see that all too familiar scene, I grabbed my Giving Key, like I always do. I thought I could never give this key up, as it had gotten me through so much. As I walked into the services and made eye contact with my friend, I instantly knew she needed the key more than me. I was brought right back to where she was standing and will never forget that feeling. So as I went down the receiving line and finally made it to her, we hugged and cried. I told her she needed this more than me, and it was time to pay-it-forward. Paying-it-forward was something my husband always talked about, and I have tried to continue this for him and me; Always remembering him and honoring him every chance I get.