Pillar Of Courage And Hope

There was nothing more I wanted in my life than a baby. My husband and I had been trying for about 2.5 years before I received my Giving Key. It was given to me by a friend who also battled fertility issues, but had a child of her own and felt that I could use it more than her. 

I put it on IMMEDIATELY and found a sense of pride and strength in it. I wore that key every single day from then on out. In August of 2016, we started our IVF journey and this little piece of jewelry became an absolute pillar of courage and hope. Through all the needles, the tests, the ultrasounds, and then finally the POSITIVE pregnancy test, discovering we had TWO babies inside of me, and even onto hearing their heartbeats for the first time, I wore that key. It bore a warm spot on my chest and in my soul that was a great sense of comfort.

In opening up about my fertility issues, I made some connections with women who were on the same journey and it helped me feel so much less alone. Some of us went through IVF together, some of us are pregnant together, and some are still battling.

A few weeks ago, once I hit my second trimester and finally felt in the "safe zone", I took that key off and packaged it up in tissue paper and tied it with raffia and sent it off to a friend who just had another miscarriage. I knew right away I wanted her to have it, and couldn't have felt more sure that this is where it needed to be now. Our time together was done, and I was 100% sure of it. 

She got the package, put the key on, and sent me a photo right away. There is so many good vibes with this small piece of jewelry, I can't help but feel that this will at least bring her some peace and hope as she continues through the battle. It warmed my heart so much to know that she sees and feels the same things in that key that I did. I can only pray that it brings her new life, as it did for me.


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