Praying For Abundance

I got the word ABUNDANCE custom made for myself because I was tired of living in survival mode, in a constant place of "not enough." Not enough money. Not enough time. Not enough "myself." Not enough friends. Not enough sleep. I had embraced not enough.

After wearing ABUNDANCE nearly every day for 18 months, I realized my ABUNDANCE had come through an unconventional form of family I so desperately needed. I was dropped right into the middle of a healthy community who embraced me wholeheartedly and championed me out of surviving and into thriving right before my family imploded more than it already had. Their love showed me what healthy relationships look like. Their love drives me into peace, freedom, and family and away from fear, isolation, and perfectionism. 

I gifted my key to a sweet friend in this group whose idea of family has been permanently altered by the loss of four immediate family members over the past year, two of which traumatically unexpected. I'd known for a few months it was time to give this key away soon, but when she mentioned praying for ABUNDANCE for her now orphaned nieces and nephew and that she asked the Lord where her ABUNDANCE had gone, all of the pieces fell in to place. 

Being able to give a piece of my ABUNDANCE to someone who was part of my ABUNDANCE means so much to me. Thank you so much for creating these sweet, cherished mementos.


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