Rediscovering Faith

My sister in law gave me my FAITH Giving Keys bracelet when I was experiencing a severely broken heart through an extremely painful divorce that was not by my choosing. I truly felt I had lost everything I ever had or dreamed of and did not know if I could continue. What I found in time was a complete rediscovery of my Faith... and a true transformation from the inside out. My bracelet was a constant encouraging reminder, and it was through Faith that I was taught that I have a hope that not only will I be okay, and able to get through anything... but I will be even BETTER and stronger than I ever have before. 
After about 18 months of never taking it off, I was able to pass on my bracelet to a dear friend I met in a divorce care support group whom also needed to come to this same realization and belief that with FAITH in HIM who is Greater, ALL things are Possible... and even better & Beyond whatever we could've thought to ask or imagine! 
I now have purchased an INSPIRE Giving Key necklace for myself, because I truly want to share and inspire this faith and hope in others as I have been! I LOVE The Giving Keys and what you are doing... and your organization has ALSO inspired me to develop a business concept of my own which I hope can also be an inspiration to others. 

Thank You The Giving Keys... you are Amazing...