Share My Heart And Gift With The World

It all started about 6 months ago when a staff member at Equinox, where I workout, found a key on the ground. This key had the word RESILIENT on it. Right before they threw it away, I asked if I could keep it.
A couple weeks after this, as I'm bartending at Saddle Ranch, a guest said to me, "Oh, so you have a giving key! That's awesome!" Not knowing what this was, I looked up its meaning and where this organization started. Learning about and loving its message, it changed the very way I went about my day. I wanted to be more RESILIENT in this world, especially being an artist that had closed himself off from the world. 
After a few weeks of having this key, my friend Ashley came into Equinox and asked if a key had been found. She thought it was a long shot, but there I was with it around my neck. After I returned this key to a now happy Ashley, she said, "I follow you on your journey and know about what you want to do as an artist and person, so I have the perfect key just sitting in my car for you." She ran to her car and returned with a key stated PRESENCE.  
You have no idea how much this touched me, and how I felt as though the universe was telling me something. Being a man that interacts with people everyday with a genuine love and positive presence, I hadn't yet made myself more present in my own life, in my music, and in the world on such a level that I can actually exude this amazing message of unity and love to the masses using music.
As of today, I wear my key everyday to remind myself to be fearless, to love myself, and to share my heart and gift with the world around me. The irony here is that the very thing I lacked became the word around my neck all because I found a key and returned it, and the original owner had one she felt obliged to give me.
In essence, this is an amazing and life-changing organization that has reminded me of my purpose. As an artist, I won't forget this. It will have been because of this that I remember to always be present. Life is short, so be here and use your gift to give the world the same. Thank You.
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