Sharing My Faith

Every day since last January, I've worn this necklace. Many people thought it was a key to my house or my dorm, but it has so much more meaning than that. Over the last year, I have seen the Lord do incredible things not only in my life, but in lives around me. There have been obstacles, are there still are to this day, but it's because of the word Faith that I can praise Him through the good and bad in my life. 
Yesterday, my friends and I were sitting in line for Winter Jam playing a game when a little girl came up to us. We invited her to play with us, and she was with us in line for the majority of the time we were there. Her dad told us that he adopted this girl when she was nine years old; she's twelve now, in sixth grade, and has a new name. He told us she was having a hard time learning to trust her new family, and my heart immediately wanted to just pour into this little girl. A few hours later, she pointed out my necklace and told me she loved the name Faith. Even though the word on my necklace didn't have anything to do with names, I just felt God tugging on my heart. 
When it was almost time to go inside, the girl's brother came to get her so she could go in with her family. Before she left, I gave her my necklace. She gave me a hug and said thank you, and she asked me what it meant. I told her something like this: "I know what it's like to be scared to trust someone. I'm still scared sometimes. But I know that because of my faith in Jesus, everything will always be okay. Life is always going to be hard, but God will never leave you ever. He has a perfect plan for you, and He is going to do amazing things through you. Just remember that word, faith, and remember that you can always trust Jesus. He loves you so so much." She ran back to her dad, and a little while later he saw me and thanked me. 
I may never see that girl again, and she may not even remember my name. But I will never forget her, and I will never forget the opportunity she gave me to share a little of my faith with her.


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