She Is Always With Me

I received my Giving Key eight months after I thought I would have needed it the most. I was given a late Christmas present from a family member who knew I loved keys. I specifically love skeleton keys- their beauty and uniqueness fascinate me. I have grown up in an old house and one door has a skeleton key that always sits in its key hole. One day I took the key out, and had it tattooed on me. Now I always take a little bit of home wherever I go, and I always have the key to home. Fast forward two years and my best friend and college roommate of four years is diagnosed with cancer at the age of 24. She passed away six months after her diagnosis. It was crippling losing my best friend at such a young age. I have dedicated to living life to the fullest, while honoring her life every step of the way. She has made me a better person, and I struggle each day to go on without her. Not a day goes by that I don't think of my best friend, but some days hit harder than ever. So when I opened this Christmas present (two months after the holiday) I broke down. I received a Giving Key that was gold and so beautiful and also had the word Believe engraved on it. So my family member knew that I loved keys, but what she didn't know was this – In college, my best friend took a trip to California, (we live in Boston) and returned with a simple and thoughtful present- a tiny key with the word Believe engraved (note: not a giving key). I put it on a string and it has been hanging from the rear view mirror of my car for the past six years. Since I lost my best friend, its helped remind me she is my guardian angel and is always with me, even when I'm driving. My family member had no idea I had a believe key in my car, and yet she picked out the Believe Giving Key for me. It struck me so hard. I'm not ready to pass it on yet- I still have a lot of believing to do, but I know with my best friend looking down on me, and the key around my neck, I will get through it.