She Is Love

She Is Love

LOVE is a word that can’t be used lightly. It is also a word that no one can define.

She is the first woman I have ever had feelings for and has opened my mind in more ways than one. The first person I have been drawn to because of who she is rather than what she is.

In a world full of judgment she was the breath of fresh air I never knew I needed.

I used to think that LOVE wasn’t enough until I met her. I learned that LOVE isn’t just one thing, it is everything and as long as you LOVE and be kind you will be okay. 

Her life has been hard, the pain and hurt she has gone through is very clear and her struggles are written all over her skin, but even though she has had every reason to succumb to despair, she LOVED. When society wanted her to fail, it only made her stronger and LOVE harder.

She LOVED her mother enough to deal with the wretched, judgemental stepfather. She LOVED the autistic children she worked with enough to bring them joy and happiness, giving them more opportunities to embark on life. She LOVED me enough when I had lost faith, in life, in LOVE and most importantly, in myself.

I chose the word LOVE because to me she is the definition of what LOVE is. If anyone asks me to define LOVE, I will think of her, no matter where her life leads she will spread it wherever she steps foot, to whoever is lucky enough to meet her.

She LOVES all. She is LOVED by all. She is LOVE.

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