She is My Strength

I knew exactly what I wanted to do in life, I was going to school for my masters (after traveling the world for a year), and I got a great job that paid for my entire school program.

One day I woke up and felt that I was losing grip of everything in my life. I left the relationship I was in, dropped out of school, quit my job, got kicked out of my house, etc.

I got through all of these moments because of one person. She quickly became a best friend of mine, which was the least expected relationship possible. She carried me, she picked me up again and again, and without her as my Strength, I would not have pulled through.

She has lost as well: she lost her uncle to a bad accident, her grandmother has experienced recent health issues, her dad can't pick himself up from his brothers death, and yet she remains stronger than ever. I know she feels weak, so I got her "Strength" to remind her that she is my Strength, and that she holds more strength than anyone I know.