She Is Resilient

My sister-in-law is dealing with more than her fair share of challenges. She recently gave birth to twin girls six months ago, shortly after becoming a first time mommy to a two-and-one-half-year-old. Indeed, I could stop this description here as anyone would agree that being a mom to three little spunky girls under the age of three is brave in and of itself! Unfortunately, her struggles are more expansive than that. Her husband has liver disease, rendering him weak and lethargic. In a few months, he will undergo a risky and complex surgery which will hopefully save his life, thanks to a close friend acting as a living donor. Her husband and their close friend will be in the care of excellent doctors, however the procedure will take place a couple states away making it difficult to care for her little ones and be by her husband's side. In addition to worrying about her husband's recovery, she also found out this week that one of her six-month-old girls has a murmur due to a hole in her heart, requiring pediatric open heart surgery. I chose the word brave because I think she could use a daily reminder that she is resilient and she can handle each day as it comes. The next few months will certainly not be easy, but I have faith that her bravery will get her through it.