Spencer Lee x The Giving Keys #WordOfTheYear

Spencer Lee x The Giving Keys #WordOfTheYear

What word is on your key for 2023? What does it mean for you to carry this word with you into the new year?

CHOSEN: I think I'm quick to forget that I'm chosen. I always have been and I always will be. And if not chosen by anyone around me, I'm chosen by God. I can get so lost in "doing" rather than "being" and am quick to put my entire identity and worth into what I can do, my gifts, talents, etc. And when I'm unable to produce anything from those gifts or talents I tend to feel like my value diminishes. Either by my own doing or by how others treat me like some disposable product when I'm "out of commission." In 2023, I want to walk in the truth that no matter what, gifts and talents or not, I am and always will be CHOSEN. 

In what ways will you be incorporating more CONNECTION in 2023?

By making more time to be human. It's so easy to get caught up in the "doing" of life that we forget we should be living. I plan on making more space for connection with friends, family, and others by being present. By being present we are forced to focus on the person in front of us in that exact moment and that births stronger, more vulnerable, and meaningful connections.

Tell us the story of how you have passed on your key or how you plan to pass it on.

I hope to cross paths with someone that carries a story like my own. Someone that needs to be reminded that they are enough just as they are. And I know I'll know at the moment it'll be time to pass my key on. Maybe it'll be a friend or a complete stranger... but I'm waiting for that gut feeling to tell me who it is that needs a daily reminder of their worth and value.

Bio: My name is Spencer Lee and I am a multi-disciplinary artist and mental health advocate living in Los Angeles, CA. I am a singer, songwriter, musician, photographer, videographer, writer, graphic designer, creative director, and event producer. My purpose and passion is creating art that births connection and restores passion for life through vulnerability and authenticity. People are my passion and creating impactful life-changing art is my purpose.