Stacy Ike x The Giving Keys: #GiftsThatGiveBack

Stacy Ike x The Giving Keys: #GiftsThatGiveBack

What inspires you to give? 
Everything that has ever been given to me, inspires me to give to others. I am so grateful for the people in my life and how much their presence, friendship and love gives me constant hope and encouragement and I can't take that for granted. From having a great relationship with my parents to having friends who support me, knowing I am blessed in my life, compels me to be a blessing to others.

What words of encouragement do you want to give others this holiday season?
The holidays can be such a tough season because of everything from finances to family relationships -- and although the feelings of sadness can be valid, I want us all to take this time to celebrate health, new opportunities to try again and growth! Weakness builds strength, discouragement teaches us courage and when we lose something it just creates room for the things we will gain to move us further in our journey -- that is what I want us all to focus on this holiday season.

What word is on your key? What does it mean to you? 
My word on my necklace is Breathe. The word means everything to me when the world around me seems to be happening so fast. I see my necklace, my word, and it is a constant reminder to take a deep breathe before making a move.

Tell us the story of how you have passed on your key or how you plan to pass it on.
The way I pass my key along is through inspiration and motivation. We live in such a time that allows for a breath-less lifestyle. No time to be bored, no time to reflect, no time to fail, no time to rediscover and no time to get to know ourselves. THIS IS NOT SUCCESS. I want to encourage those around me to take the time to take it all in. You have done the work, you are doing the work, the only thing left to do is breathe.

Why do you want to help end homelessness this holiday?
Ending homelessness means we as a society are reaching back and supporting and uplifting our fellow brothers and sisters in their time of struggle. So many of our homeless brothers and sisters are from marginalized communities and I want us to reinforce that we are all important to God's kingdom no matter who are where you come from.

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