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Start A Fresh Chapter

I purchased this key almost three years ago when Giving Keys first became popular. I was shopping in a boutique with my soon-to-be stepmother and her mother when I saw these keys and thought they were fascinating. I knew I had to get one, only I didn't know what message to get. I bought the dainty version of the LET GO key thinking it was beautiful, and that was it.

A few weeks later, my father got married, and I was struggling to accept the fact that my life was changing. I was 19 and afraid of the future, and didn't know how to LET GO of the life I'd known as an only child. Yet, the key was still sitting in the bag, untouched. I packed it with me when I visited my mother, who had recently moved, hoping it might take my mind off things. She, however, was struggling with my father's remarriage more than I was. That's when I realized, I wasn't the only one who needed to LET GO, and the only way I'd LET GO of my parents divorce was if my mother was happy. So, I gave her the key, and told her the purpose behind it. She cried a lot, and we hugged, sharing a very surreal moment together.

Three years later, she has worn it every day since, reminding her to LET GO of the past. Watching her struggle has reminded me to LET GO of the divorce, and be happy with my life, and how many wonderful people have been added to it since. I now have a half-brother, who is also my godson, and I feel extremely grateful for the life I have.

While I never wore the key myself, it helped push me to be thankful for what I have, and helps remind my mother of what she deserves. We all need that reminder to LET GO sometimes, and I have since found peace and happiness.

The Giving Key helped both my mother and I start a fresh chapter.


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