Sticking To My Word

Let Go. One phrase with two words.

Not knowing how to start, I came upon this necklace at Apricot Lane, which is where I work now. After saying I'm going to get it, I'm going to get it, I finally decided to do so. As I purchased the necklace and put it around my neck, I looked at myself in the mirror and read "Let Go". It amazed me how something so small and simple reflected and showed how broken I truly was. I then realized I was wearing my weakness around my neck for everyone to see.

After 5 long years of staying up late, crying, not wanting to talk to anyone, doing horrible in school, searching and wondering what I did wrong to have someone that I gave my all to walk away, I finally decided to start my process of letting go. 

I'm starting to Let Go of my first love who just wasn't meant to stay in my life. Sometimes I think I loved the guy more than I loved myself, I looked for him in everyone I would meet, and that was my mistake. In a room full of people it was HIM I always looked for, but tonight I put my foot down, after years of saying "I'm letting go of him", tonight I'm sticking to my word.

Waking up every morning and reading those 2 words will give me the extra push I need to start my day. Let Go... Let go of who is toxic, Let Go of what is hurting you, Let Go...

I know I will give this up sometime maybe this year or maybe the next but I will give it when I know that not only my mind but most importantly when I know that my heart finally let go and no longer feels the emptiness he left.


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