Strength to Continue

I received my Giving Key as a Christmas gift. Instantly, I loved the purpose of my key that said "Strength". A week after receiving this bracelet, I found a coworker and friend in the hallway of the school I work in. She was crouched down, sobbing. I brought her into my classroom where there were no children and hugged her as she told me that her one-month-old granddaughter passed away. I drove her home from work that Tuesday morning and cried with her. I was wearing my Giving Key bracelet that day when my other coworker and friend asked me about it. As I was explaining my cute bracelet to her, she stated "Don't you think that God put you in the hallway and had you drive her home this morning for a reason." In tears, I agreed, and I took the bracelet by her house that afternoon. I explained to her the purpose and told her she needed the Strength bracelet more than I did! She has worn it every day until today. She came to tell me that she had given it to a mother of a lineman who lost his life due to a live current going through one arm and out the other. He was on life support for ten days before taking him off. She told me that this mother needed it more than her! I pray that my pretty Christmas bracelet blesses more lives ❤