Strength To Defy the Odds

My Mother was taken by ambulance on December 27 to the hospital with pancreatitis (she also has Alzheimers), and every doctor was basically preparing us for the worst. I remember she looked so weak, so far from the Mom I know. Before she went into surgery to have her gallbladder removed, I put my Strength key around her neck. She had it throughout her acute stay, and I couldn't help but think it helped! But when her belongings (nightgown, shoes, socks, and magazines) were transferred to the rehab hospital, over a month later, there was no key. Oh well, I just hoped someone else would pass it on. Against all odds, she came home in late February and is on the road to recovery. She requires a lot of assistance, and it can be hard to see her struggle with her memory. I hadn't thought about the key. But at the beginning of April to my shock and amazement, knotted up on the table at my parent's home was my key – over a month after her leaving the hospital! I had been there many times so I know it hadn't been lying there. I asked my Mom, my Dad, my brother, and the cleaning lady, no one had seen it, yet there it was. I guess my Mom was done with it and someone decided I needed it back! She always was stronger than me!