Strength to Get Through

Hannah's family has moved around eight different times in her life due to her father's job. When her dad retired, they could finally stay in one place from now on. Hannah was a freshman in high school at this time and I was a sophomore. We are best friends (and neighbors) so I knew a lot of what Hannah was going through. Because of all of her moves, Hannah found it hard to fit in at her new school. She got in with a bad crowd and started drinking and put her faith in God to the side. I tried to encourage her, but nothing seemed to work. She got more and more depressed and shared with me how she felt trapped in a relationship she was having with a boy. She told me it felt like her escape and made her less depressed. I kept trying to share with her about the strength that God will give her if she calls on Him, and that point seemed to stick with her a lot. Hannah got to the point of trying to commit suicide about a month later by taking her mom's pain medication with alcohol. She failed, thank God, and I knew she needed something else. I continued to pray with her and for her a lot and the idea finally hit me! She had always loved The Giving Keys! I decided to give her the word "Strength" because of all of our talks about how God will give her the strength she needs to get through. Hannah is getting better now, she has found her faith in God again and believes that everything that happened to her through those times only made her faith in Him stronger. She wears this key every day as a constant reminder of what God is doing through her and where she is because of God's strength.