Strength To Get Through The Moment

This past April, my lovely niece gifted me with my necklace of STRENGTH! At that time, and currently, I am a breast cancer survivor of 13 years. Little did she know at the time how much more the necklace would come to mean to me.

A very trying situation with my daughter took place in the weeks to come. Things between us became very tense and stressful. When we had conversations about the issue, I always wore my necklace, and it did give me STRENGTH to get through the moment.

Fast forward to today. A dear friend has been having some health issues, and was placed in an OT/PT facility. I've visited her yesterday and gifted her my necklace of STRENGTH. I also asked her to take a selfie of herself wearing the necklace each day she went to therapy. I received a picture of her first "STRENGTH adventure" this morning! What a joy!