A dear friend purchased this necklace for me for Christmas. I wore it on Christmas day and my grandmother asked me about the "Key on my neck". I explained it's purpose, and she has been not well and said "Oh so you are gonna give it to me then." We all laughed and I said to her "well I just got it for Christmas so I'd like to wear it for one day." A few days later my mom told me they were calling in Hospice to keep my grandmother comfortable as she took a turn for the worse.

One New Years Day, I visited my grandmother at 9am. I took my necklace with me and a nurse put it on her and I told my grandmother she could have it. 9:30am my grandmother passed with her close family next to her. She is being buried with it this week.

I have already placed a new order for a new necklace with the word STRENGTH to wear in her memory. Thank you for putting this idea in place. It gives me peace to know that I could give her a little bit of STRENGTH to let go and move onto her next chapter. God Bless.