Striving Towards Fearlessness

I ordered myself a Fearless Giving Key in November 2016, since it's an area that I've needed to grow in for some time. My faith is extremely helpful in this, but I often just need a little reminder - hence the need for the Giving Key. If I keep my eyes on myself, I am often afraid. If I keep them on God, or on what I am to do next, I am filled with compassion and do not fear. It's a reminder to take a breath, then leap.

I received the Giving Key in early December 2016 and have cherished and worn it often. I attended a special conference in January 2017, where I wore the Key nearly every day. There, I met a young woman named Peyton. She was like a younger version of myself, and she said that her name meant 'brave warrior.' She shared how she struggles with fear, even when she met me (to give me some words of encouragement), as she was afraid to approach me. I wasn't quite sure at first if she was the one to pass my Giving Key to, but I kept running into her until I decided I could pass on my key. It may have seemed early, but I know she was the one. Now I can see how she will grow, since we've become Facebook friends. I'm not quite fearless yet, but I've taken leaps in that direction...