Strong In The Midst Of The Rain

A couple of months ago, my mom showed up at my door with a key. She gave me Strength, she said she could tell how I was growing into a woman and becoming a better version of myself... strength to keep it going. I loved my key so much, I never thought I would give it away.

A couple of days ago, my Big, in my sorority lost her mother. Both of her parents had been diagnosed with cancer. Her father had been diagnosed long before her mother but was physically doing much better. Within the blink of an eye, her mother passed. When I visited her at the visitation, I knew it was time to pass on my key.

My big, Caylee, had been such an amazing influence in my life. Our friendship was so true and so genuine from the very start. God gave me her exactly when I needed her, and Caylee often had strength when I didn't. She always looked out for me, always protected me, and would drop whatever she was doing to come to me. I love her so much and I pray that this key reminds her daily to trust in the Lord's plans, to stay faithful, but most importantly stay strong in the midst of the rain.