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I was married for 23 years and went through a divorce, which I never expected. I moved from my hometown of 50 years to Santa Rosa Beach, Florida and worked in a boutique in Seaside, where I met the most amazing people who helped heal my heart.

I special ordered a RESTORE necklace for myself because my heart felt prayer was that God would bring restoration to my life again...somehow. I never wanted to be divorced and I prayed I would have another chance to love the way I believe God desired it for me. I became dear friends with my manager at the store I worked in and we both shared a love for Jesus and each had some life stories to prove it.

She met the love of her life in a second marriage and he was the kindest, biggest bear of a man who even loved on my girls and me with his whole heart. Her life was an inspiration to me as I watched them love each other and others so well. But as life often does, it pulled the rug out from under her as she watched her sweet husband die from a massive stroke one night.

It was devastating and heartbreaking to say the least, but my sweet friend navigated her pain with the same selfless love and grace she applied towards everything. After working there for five years, I knew it was time to go back home. Before I left, I felt the Lord prompt me to give her my RESTORE necklace...She cried when I did and said that she needed that so badly...that she needed her faith to be fully restored. It was a full circle moment and I'm so grateful for God's faithful restoration. PS. I have since remarried the love of my life. Thank you Giving Keys for prompting us to think of others through your necklaces!

Suzanne Laravea


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