Take A Second To Breathe

I chose the word BREATHE and wore it ever day for the last three months for my final quarter of school. It was stressful in so many ways that I used it as my constant reminder to take a second to BREATHE. The stress wouldn't last forever but in order to make it through I needed to refocus and BREATHE.

I wore this key during my big oral presentation the day I turned in my final project. I had to pass both the presentation and final project to graduate. I held the key in my hand for the 40 minutes I was in class until my name was called. I told myself over and over again to BREATHE. After my presentation, I felt a huge weight lift. I got my grade yesterday and found not only that I passed, but also that I aced my final project.

Now I am passing my key to a friend of mine. She is a newly single mother who moved across the country to be with family, and the hits just keep coming. She has been pushing and trying so hard to provide for her family, and I want her to know that every once in awhile, she needs to stop and BREATHE.