Take That Lie Out Of Your Head

My name is Lisa, I have lived most of my life in fear, fear of not being loved, fear of being left for some one better. I got myself a key when I was feeling the relationship I was in was not healthy and I needed the courage to leave. It took a while but eventually I was free.

About 3 weeks ago I got a call from a very dear friend I've known for about 20 years. She explained how she had been trying to get me to come visit her because she needed to tell me something, but life was busy and she was gonna tell me over the phone. She proceeded to tell me how she has stage 3 cancer, it has traveled into her pancreas and the Doctor will have to move fast if she's going to make it. I couldn't breathe, this was a lady who helped me move my house when I was alone, she IS a strong single mom who takes care of EVERYONE.

I went to see her last night to give her a memory box I made her with a prayer on it. She thanked me and told me how she thinks she's not goingto make it, everything she has read tells her if cancer doesnt get her the chemo and meds will. I told her NO WAY TAKE THAT LIE OUT OF YOUR HEAD. YOU CAN DO THIS and I'm going give you the courage to get through everything! I explained what the key meant and reminded her WE SERVE AN AMAZING GOD WHO WILL SEE HER THROUGH. We both held back our tears and hugged.


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