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TGK x Nicole Row

TGK x Nicole Row

The original necklace that I wear holds my brother's personal Drum Key. This year is the 10 year anniversary of his passing and I can think of no better way to honor him. Josh and I were a year apart, living the same life through two sets of eyes. So tight.

But as it goes, life caught up to him and he passed away of a heroin overdose. If you've ever witnessed addiction you know that the drugs are not who the person is. Josh was a generous, selfless person and he would’ve wanted some good to come out of his memory. I wear the key to keep him close, to keep his memory alive, to have a constant reminder of what’s important, to be grateful, and to always remember my roots as I forge forward. - Nicole Row

The TGK x Nicole Row Collection was created in partnership with Nicole Row, the bassist and vocalist for international touring band, Panic! At the Disco, her signature Drum Key necklace aims to drive awareness for addiction and mental health while raising funds to support causes important to Nicole. 

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