The Circle Of Strength

My son and his dear wife purchased a Strength key as a gift for his Special Auntie, who was coming from out of state to celebrate her 75th birthday (2014). She was struggling as her husband had died the year before, so our extended family was filling in.

3 weeks before the visit my father became ill and died, so the event was cancelled. Our next celebration attempt in 2016 was the marriage of my younger son and Special Auntie Arlene was coming for an extended visit that included the wedding festivities, visiting her relatives and sharing teas with my friends. The Strength key was to be her welcome gift. One month before the wedding, she died accidently, devastating all of us. While sharing Mothers’ Day dinner with my son, daughter-in-law and my mother, Arlene’s Strength key was given to me.

I have cherished and been inspired through my struggles of grief, wearing and carrying the key with me. It has been a prayer, a meditation, and a mantra on my bad days. I feel the love and strength from my children, my angel friend Arlene, and those who made this key with my every touch.

Now, I pass it on to my younger son’s Special Auntie Donna, who is struggling with the deepest depression of her life. As this key is passed, I pray that the strength sent from all The Giving Key survivors, my children, my angel friends, me, and the Lord will help her climb from her darkest places.  

We are all pulling for you!


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