The Confirmation I Needed

I graduated high school in May, and a friend of my mom's gave me a key that said 'LOVE'. I've worn it tons since then, including today.

I am a part of a scholarship program at my local community college. Today we had a mandatory luncheon at the culinary part of the school with some staff of the college. While we were waiting, I struck up a conversation with one of the college's advisers. She and I were talking about jewelry and I mentioned the necklace I was wearing. Right before the culinary school instructor admitted us into the dining room it hit me that my key was hers. I about felt a shiver up my back.

We ended up sitting at different tables and I forgot. Later this afternoon, I remembered. I couldn't quite remember her name, so I did some quick researching on the college's website. I found her building and room number.

On the walk there, I began doubting myself. Maybe since I had told her about my key, I'd just gotten excited and jumped to conclusions. I'd been looking forward to giving away the key, but when it came down to the moment... I wasn't sure. It was MY key. I embraced my word, the necklace looked perfect with most of my outfits, and she didn't seem like she NEEDED an encouraging necklace.

When I found her office, she was excited. She said that she was touched by the gift. I love how she accepted the key. She never argued the gift, but accepted it joyfully. She asked me my name.

Turns out, Abigail is her middle name. That was exactly the confirmation I needed.

She gave me her email, and we plan on meeting for lunch sometime soon.


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