The Fortitude To Keep Going

My key says STRENGTH. My mom bought me this Giving Key a few weeks after I almost died in February 2015 from deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolisms (laymen terms: blood clots in my lungs and legs).

At 29 years old, you think you're invincible. But when you wake up one day and all the sudden you're fighting just for one breath, the one thing you take so willfully for granted, you quickly learn that life is short and that every single moment we have is so very limited. It was a hard (and dark) time in my life... not being able to walk one block without feeling utter exhaustion, living in unimaginable pain, thinking everyday you're going to die. I needed all the STRENGTH I could get.

Two+ years later, this key continues to serve as the most loving and powerful reminder to always have the STRENGTH and the fortitude to keep going... because life is short (and it deserves to be lived in the best and most beautiful way).