The Gift Of Wisdom

When attending a women's group "Keys to the Kingdom" conference, I received my KEY! It was the word Wisdom, which I desperately needed in so many areas! I have had my key for nearly a year, with NO DESIRE to let it go! I LOVE my key! And it's a great witnessing ice breaker, because many people ask me about it! I knew that in addition to it being a great daily reminder to seek God's wisdom in all things, that it was also meant to be regifted at some point to someone who needs it more than me. But a couple days ago, a friend of mine asked for prayer, and she asked if I would focus on the gift of wisdom, because she really needed it in an area of her life. I KNEW at that moment.......THE KEY WAS FOR HER!!! And I felt no reservation in giving it! In fact, I was excited to do so, and could barely wait to hand it over, and explain to her its purpose! I did so that very night. And we were BOTH blessed! I pray that it will be a constant reminder, and ministry ice breaker for her, like it has been for me! #Wisdom #AskAndItWillBeGiven #Reminder #GetSoYouCanGive