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The Key To Honor My Story

A Giving Key is a “pay it forward” gift. When someone gives you one of these keys – usually with an inspirational word on a necklace or other jewelry – you are receiving a gift that has been worn by many in times of need. In my case, I received my Giving Key with the word STRENGTH from a student who I worked with in her first semester of graduate school.

She told me that the key had been in her family for several years, and she had been wearing it for around five years, as she braved health and other life challenges. As she opened up to me about her current struggles, I shared that I had also recently gone through a big life curve ball. She gave me the key to honor my story and the common struggle we shared.

It is rare to receive a gift as special as this one. When I wear it, I feel stronger. I feel that it is imbibed – much like the sword from the Harry Potter novels – with the STRENGTH of its previous owners.

Receiving this key has inspired me to share a poem that I wrote a few days after going through a separation. Writing this made me feel stronger and I share it with my followers now having come full circle in my outlook for myself both now and in the journey to come.



She was left
… but she never left herself

She didn’t lose her story
… because she had already been writing it

She had fears
… and they led to curiosity

She had a vision
… that didn’t change

She is an explorer
… who seeks those who want to be on the journey of fear and excitement

She hit bottom and looked up
… there were lots of hands reaching down

She heard many outside voices
… and she listened to only what was helpful

She was always enough
… for the ones who were ready for the journey

She walks alone
… helping others as she goes

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