The Love Of My Life

Approximately 10 months ago, I met the love of my life.

Unlike any conventional love story, we live about 2,300km away and an ocean apart. Every moment we spend together is more special than the last, and every moment feels completely surreal. I get instant butterflies every time I look at him, every time I see him smile.

Living this far from the person you love is definitely not the easiest to overcome, and sometimes it is extremely hard to keep HOPE. Sometimes, as humans, we get so caught up in the negative things the world can throw at us, that we don't realize the amazing things standing right in front of us, even if that means they are 2,300 km away.

We both make the continuous effort to talk every single day no matter what, even if its just a "love you more" text, and after a certain point, you almost become numb to the feeling of that distance between you. You become numb because, in your hearts, it feels like that person is right there with you every step of the way, with every decision you make, with every smile you give, it's like they are right there cheering you on. You feel them in your heart, you feel them in your soul, and you hear their voice in your head just at the right moments when you feel like your world is crumbling. You remember to have that HOPE that one day, you will overcome the obstacles keeping you apart.

My name is Jessica, I'm from Toronto, Canada & my fiancée lives in Matanzas, Cuba. I miss his embrace and his laugh, every single day.

When I visited in November, I brought him a key, engraved with HOPE. I reminded him that this word had a much stronger meaning to the both of us now and that we must never lose the feeling.

With HOPE, courage, bravery, patience and love, we could do this. We reminded each other that, just because this wasn't going to be easy, it didn't mean the worth was diminished. And that one day, we could watch the sunset and sunrise together.


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