The Opportunity To Impact A Complete Stranger

I run and manage a building in Orange County. We host weddings and other events on our property as well. This week, I was introduced to a bride from a friend of mine, who recently lost her father unexpectedly. I guess he was on a hike with her brother, collapsed, and shortly passed thereafter. Now, this bride, heartbroken and unsure of what to do next (while also being less than 6 months out from her wedding day), is paying for the wedding herself.

She broke down during our appointment and just seemed so defeated, devastated. Like what was the point to all of this? Being a newlywed myself, I reminded her that it's all worth it in the end despite everything. Being a Christian, I asked her if she was religious at all and she said no. Our conversation continued and I started crying myself watching this pain be worn all over her.

Our meeting came to a natural close and, as she was leaving, I remembered my key. Of course, this one day I didn't have it with me. So I asked her to come meet with me today, September 15th, as I had a gift for her.

She came by to see me today and I gave her my key. I told her that even though she wasn't religious, I would PRAY for her, and that her story really touched me. If anything, I hope that this key would bring her peace, comfort, and hope and that, with each day, things would get a little easier for her. 

I didn't feel any reluctance to give her my key. I knew it was right. Now, I can't stop crying either. But, when the spirit moves, it can move. 

Thank you for making keys and giving everyday people the opportunity to impact a complete stranger. We don't need thousands of followers, or a huge platform, just kindness and love.


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